South American Gourmet Menu

Friday 19th January

From 7.00pm


Quesadillas served with Jote on arrival

Classic Mexican & Chilean – a slice of triple layered tortilla with grated cheese & Diced Jalapeno Pepper folded in half &

Toasted until golden with a single shot of salsa served with a classic Chilean Cocktail (Ill tell you what is in it after you’ve drunk it!)


Coxinha de Frango

Delicious Brazilian Treat -  the son of an Imperial Prince of Brazil had a child who only ate chicken thighs.

One day not having enough thighs the chef shredded a whole chicken& using a dough made from chicken stock stuffed the chicken mixture

into the dough and shaped them into drumsticks he battered them & fried them until golden. The Child endorsed the result

Served with Chilean Carmenere


Ecuadorian Hornado

A popular street food in mountainous regions of Ecuador – Slow roasted Pork Belly in a Marinade of beer, garlic, cumin & achiote or annatto,

twice cooked and accompanied by spiced pumpkin, roasted onion & achiote aioli

Served with Argentinian Malbec


Shrimp Anticuchos with Chimichurri

King Prawn Kebabs in a unique Peruvian Marinade – Dark red blend of smoky aji panca spices,

vinegar & Lime juice the aroma that fills the air in the Peruvian streets of Lima

Served with Chilean Torrontes


Suspiro Limeño

This Classic dates back to 18th Century Peru & translates to ‘Sigh of a woman from Lima’ – Creamy caramel Base topped with a huge dollop of Italian Meringue

perfumed with Port & Cinnamon served individually portioned glass. Sugar atop sugar it’s only for those with an insatiable sweet tooth

Served with Graham’s Late Bottled Vintage Port


Bolo Mousse de Maracuya

Brazilians love Passion Fruit desserts and this is their best – Spongy Vanilla cake layers soaked with passion fruit syrup

& filled with intense Passion Fruit mousse served with macadamia crusted Coconut ice cream

Served with Chilled Coconut Rum



£27.50 per head

(add flight of wine/Spirit Only £15 per person)



All Prices inclusive of 20% VAT.   A discretionary 10% Service Charge will be added to parties of 6 or more.

Please note some of our products may contain or have come in contact with nuts.

For allergy advice please ask a member of the waiting staff before ordering