Mediterranean Cruise – Gourmet Menu


 Day 1. We settle a board the good ship Lamb. Nice, Cote d’azur is our first destination where we are treated to:

French Onion Soup

Slowly cooked caramelized onions laced in cognac & white wine from the Dordogne infused with condensed beef broth, served with a golden cheese topped crouton, beautifully rich & luxurious, deliciously French

Served with a chilled Beaujolais Villages


Day 2. We have travelled west along the Mediterranean coast to Barcelona, Spain we are excited to eat:

Patatas a la Riojana

Chorizo & Potato Stew served with crusty bread that’s perfect for dipping, this flavoursome stew is one of Spain’s most popular dishes

Served with Faustino VII Rioja


Day 3. From Spain we have travelled south of Italy to Palermo, Sicily sampling a truly special fish dish:

Baked Cod Puttanesca

Cod fillet sat upon a sauce of tomatoes, capers & olives with sage butter pasta, Puttanesca is an Italian classic and is said to have originated when ‘Ladies of the night’ came home & needed a quick tasty meal

Served with Belvino Pinot Grigio


Day 4. Nearing the end of our cruise we cross over the Mediterranean to Tangier, Morocco where we are delighted to experience the African influence on Mediterranean cuisine:

Moroccan Tagine

Tagine or Tajine is the name of a Moroccan dish as well as the name of the clay pot it is cooked in. Our beef tagine is slow cooked to a buttery tenderness with apricots & prunes, honey and ras el hanout spice. Served with aromatic spice packed lemony Couscous

Served with Bonacchi, Black Rooster, Chianti Classico


Day 5. Final day. We finish our cruise in Lisbon, Portugal. Something sweet for us to remember the hard working galley crew and such a lovely trip around the med.

Portuguese Pasteis de Nata

Lisbon’s most iconic dessert, a custard tart with a twist. Pasteis de Nata is a neat puff pastry cup filled with lemony, cinnamon custard

Served with Tia Maria over ice



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